Below you will find a table of the most common abbreviations used in the Locksmith trade and their corresponding meaning.

Abbreviation Description
A Amp
AC Alternating Current
AC Adjustable Cam
AS Anodised Silver
 BLK Black 
BLX Brasslux
BS Backset
BS British Standard
BZP Bright Zinc
CH Chrome
CM Centimetre
CO Case Only
CP Chrome Plated
DC Direct Current
DB Dark Blue
DB Decibels
DBL Double
Deg Degree
DG Dark Grey
EB Electro Brass
EXT External
G Gauge
GAA Gold Anodised
GB Gigabyte
GE Green
GHZ Giga Hertz
GMK Grand Master
HO Hold Open
INT Internal
IP Ingress Protection
IR Infra-red
K Key Operated
KA Keyed Alike 
KD Key to Differ 
KG Kilogram 
KR Key Retaining 
Abbreviation Description
L Loose
LH Left Hand
L/L Lever / Lever
M Meter
MB Megabyte 
MK Master Keyed
MM Millimetre
MP Megapixels
MPL Multi Point Lock
MS Dark Grey
NP Nickel Plated
PB Polished Brass
PC Polished Chrome
PL Polished Lacquered
PZ Lock Centres
REF Reference
RH Right Hand
S Silver
SAA Satin Aluminium
SB Satin Brass
SCP Satin Chrome Plated
SGL Single
SN / SNP Satin Nickel
SS Stainless Steel
S/S Split Spindle
T Thumb Turn (Nickel)
TB Thumb Turn (Brass)
TB Terabyte
TL Thumb Turn (Long Side)
T/S Twin Spindle
TVL TV Lines
V Volt
WC Bathroom
WE White Enamel
WH White
ZP Zinc Plated
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