Technical Team Remote Support - Team Viewer

When you contact our Technical Team they may request to do a remote session of logging on to your PC to diagnose and complete software related technical tasks. When instructed to do so use the link below to access the Team Viewer remote panel. Open Team Viewer


Garage Door Remotes

JMA M-FRI Remote Controls

'M-FRI' is the next generation of remote to simplify and maximise the duplication of garage and entry barrier remotes. Click Here to visit the JMA Garage Door Remotes Information page

Key Machines

Various downloads for our popular models of key cutting machines including: Manuals, Brochures, Exploded views and Spare parts.


ModelBrochure Manual Exploded View
Cyclone- Download PdfManual -
Cyclone Plus- Download PdfManual -
Hurricane- Download PdfManual -
StormDownload PdfBrochure Download PdfManual -
Storm Plus- Download PdfManual -
Tempest- Download PdfManual -
Tempest Evo- Download PdfManual -
Twister- Download PdfManual -
Zephyr- Download PdfManual -



 ModelBrochureManualExploded View
Blitz - Download PdfManualDownload PdfSpare Parts
Switch Blitz - Download PdfManual-
Codemax Download PdfBrochure Download PdfManual-
Tiger Shark Download PdfBrochure Download PdfManual-


Model BrochureManualExploded View
CougarDownload PdfBrochure--
Mk2Download PdfBrochureDownload PdfManualDownload PdfSpare Parts
Mk4Download PdfBrochureDownload PdfManual-
MustangDownload PdfBrochureDownload PdfManualDownload PdfSpare Parts


 ModelBrochureManualExploded View
Miracle A4Download PdfBrochureDownload PdfManual-
Miracle A5-Download PdfManual-
Miracle A6Download PdfBrochureDownload PdfManual-
Miracle A9Download PdfBrochureDownload PdfManual-
MiracloneDownload PdfBrochure--
Magic 2Download PdfBrochureDownload PdfManual-
Magic F30-Download PdfManual-

 Key Scan

Model BrochureManualApplication List
Key ScanDownload PdfBrochure-Download PdfMay 2015
iKeys-Download PdfInstructions-


Digital Door Locks


Click Here to view a selection of technical PDF downloads for Codelock Mechanical and Digital locks.


Click Here to view a selection of technical PDF downloads for Kaba Simplex (Unican) and E-Plex Locks.

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